The main purpose of anesthesia is performing procedures without pain and providing security for the patient before, during and after surgery .

Today the use of anesthetic techniques for plastic surgery has become a safe and minimally invasive procedure because anesthesiologists involved in them feature the latest technical and pharmacological advances to control of (blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and consciousness, among others) the patient on any type of surgery.




Clinical Dermatology and Aesthetics.


Paqui Martin was born in Seville and it is here where she made her university studies in Nursing. In Dominican Republic, she made specialty in Cosmetology and since 1992 works as an assistant in the area of ​​surgery, consultation and monitoring patients of Dr. Fernando de la Cruz in Plastimedic. He also is a volunteer nurse certified in the area of ​​Pre -post operative Operation Smile and is certified by American Heart Association Basic Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.